Vehicle fleet

caring for the reliability of service

The fleet of Bap Polska Sp z o.o. consists of modern and eco-friendly tractor units and specialized semi-trailers and refrigerated trailers equipped with the LATEST GENERATION OF ENGINES and a remote temperature control system of the transported cargo.

Our fleet includes vehicles from the leading DAF and Mercedes brands with the EURO 6 emission standard.

Having in mind the safety of goods and transport, all our vehicles are equipped with a GPS system that allows ongoing contact with the driver and control over the current location of the fleet and cargo. To ensure quality of service, our cars are also equipped with temperature sensors and door opening sensors.

We offer modern and eco-friendly tractor units from Mercedes, DAF and VOLVO with refrigerated trailers from Schmitz SKO 24/L 13.4 FP 45 COOL with space for 33 pallets and 66 pallets in double loading

We equipped our tractor units with, among other things:

  • GigaSpace cab
  • 375 kW (510 hp) engine
  • Axle configuration: 4×2
  • FleetBoard 2
  • Fleetboard Truck Data Center 6 (DTCO)
  • Air conditioning

Specification of our trailers:

  • Internal height: 2.70 m
  • Internal length: 13.410m
  • The width of the trailer: 2.60m

Additional equipment

Our trailers are also equipped with:

  • Euroscan temperature recorder with a built-in printer
  • Ventilation flaps next to the refrigeration unit
  • Carrier VECTOR 1550 refrigeration unit with internal combustion engines and electric motors that guarantee the required temperature during land, sea and rail transport
  • ATP-FRC certificate
  • Circulation wall with a pallet buffer
  • Circulation profiles
  • Flexible ventilation ducts
  • Longitudinally adjustable, insulated transverse partition wall
  • Multi-temperature versions / ceiling evaporators
  • Two-level loading system
  • Rails securing the load in the side wall
  • Additional skirting
  • FERROPLAST® rear panel
  • Car door rubber strip across the whole height
  • Aluminium floors
  • Ferry equipment / shackles
  • Adjustments for loading and transport by rail
  • SAF® chassis with a large 22.5 brake disc ventilated from the inside
  • Double automatic lifting and lowering of the axles
  • Fire extinguishers in a plastic container at the chassis or at the lifting and supporting mechanism
  • TIR customs accepted seal
  • Diesel fuel tank made of plastic with a locking fuel cap
  • Boxes for 36 euro pallets in front of the axial unit with varnished covers
  • Back-up alarm

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